The Mix

That Sticks!

The Mix

That Sticks!

Welcome to KirtBag Carving Mix and we thank you for stopping by to take a look at what we believe is the best vertical concrete carving mix on the market. It was developed by a carver, for the carvers! We believed that a high performance carving mix does not have to be expensive to purchase or expensive to ship, that is why KirtBag Carving Mix was designed as an ad pack. It allows us to keep the shipping costs down for our customers because we are not shipping cement, sand, etc that is in some of the other mixes on the market. We assure you that you will not find a better vertical concrete carving anywhere that is less expensive and performs better that KirtBag Carving Mix. With us, you not only get a great carving mix, you will also get the best customer service in the industry.


KirtBag Carving Mix was developed in the garage of one of the co-owners Jeff Kirt. After joining forces with Dion Battles, we have fine tuned the mix through relentless testing, impeccable customer service and continued communication with our customers. Their feedback has been a vital part of creating this mix to what it is today! By using our carving mix, you will find that our customer service is second to none, just ask any one of our current customers for yourself.


We have to thank our customers for the continued appreciation and commitment to KirtBag Carving Mix. Now that our carving mix has made a name for itself in this vertical concrete carving industry, we are excited to follow up this mix with a few more products to expand our line of what we have to offer. So stay tuned to see what this small company has in mind for you and the industry!

The perfect, most cost effective mix

for all your vertical carving needs!

Stay Informed

Remember friends, the price of KirtBag

increased to $12.50 per bag on July 1, 2015.

STOP picking your mix

up off the FLOOR!

STOP picking your mix

up off the FLOOR!

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KirtBag Carving Mix is an “ad-pac” used to convert an 80 lb bag of standard type S mortar into a high performance vertical carving mix.


Once you have mixed one bag of KirtBag Carving Mix to one 80 lb bag of type S mortar, you will yield approx. 8-9 sq. ft. at 1 1/2” thick.


KirtBag Carving Mix can be used for interior or exterior applications without any modifications.


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* Used interior or exterior


* The most workable mix

  on the market


* Plenty of work time,

  4 to 5 hours.


* Takes texture and

   stamping excellent

* Can be stacked on the wall

   up to 4 inches in one pass


* Has a putty like consistency


* Dries to a light buff color


* Excellent staining qualities


* Very strong, dense mix.


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Kirtbag mix instructions

Please read before starting your project!


Start with 1 1/2 gallons of clean water in the mixer.  Add one full bag of KirtBag Carving Mix to water and mix well. Add one 80lb bag of Type S mortar, mix well until fully

blended. Add water if needed to achieve your personal consistency. Let mix stand for 5 minutes, then remix.

Now Have Fun Carving!

Now Have Fun Carving!







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KirtBag Carving Mix

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We bought a few bags of your KirtMix and we absolutely love it.  We made a lion and are now working on a Buck.  Just wanted to tell how much we liked the KirtMix and were ordering again shortly.  You have a lifetime customer with us.  We have a few pics of our Lion made from KirtMix. When the next project is done will send you pics of that as well.  Great for people to see how versatile this mix is and the unlimited possibilities on what to make with it.

                                                                                                Thanks Mike


Hi, I'm Jack Rennert, Owner, operator of Jacks Rock Art. I've been using KirtBag Carving mix for about 4 years now.  As a Vertical Artisan, I needed a carving mix that would give me more time to carve, creamy texture, and stick-ability second to none.  KirtBag Carving mix is all the above.  Not only do I feel it's a superior product, the customer service has been outstanding. I would recommend using KirtBag to anyone in the carving industry as your number one mix.

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Multiple Distribution Locations


More Cost Effective Shipping Rates!

Multiple Distribution Locations


More Cost Effective Shipping Rates!

For questions or to place an order please contact:

Jeff Kirt

Dion Battles